Monday, June 7, 2010

It’s June!

Hey people … I’m back from Bali and wishing I’m still there…booo…..


Just a quick update, I have a lot of interesting entries coming up so stay tuned (most of it are long over-due entry).


1. Asian and the V sign – what it means and why do we do it more than other races?

2. Travel blog – Thailand, Phillipines and Indonesia *gasp* and mau juga include Kuching after 10 years..LOL!

3. Say NO to Coal contribution – probably no important people will read it but anyway, just doing my tiny part on the subject!

4. That blog awards Tantinny and Jacynta awarded me..hahah!

5. Getting Barn Buddy credits for FREE

6. Windows Live Writer – my choice for the best Desktop Blogging Application

7. Blogger vs. Wordpress

8. Why I choose to walk away from my 5 years relationship.

9. Ngiley T-Shirt ad!


Well, personally I think it’s quite interesting.



Holiday song!!!


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