Thursday, June 24, 2010

Just a thought….

I’m taking a BREAK from my never ending tasks (work and personal project) to bring you this:




Free Flash Games - Play Multiplayer Dinky Bomb at Dinky Bomb

Multiplayer: Inspired by Worms, Dinky Bomb pits you against other human opponents,

Play this game for free, now!


How awesome it is that JW was one of the programmer who designed and built the first ever MULTIPLAYER Flash game …?? . Now, that is so HOT and just made me horny. . Too bad can’t play that game now.   No one taking care of the server I guess. Boooo….




Making me feel inferior! I haven’t done anything impressive like developing and designing a game whatsoever. Wish I came up with that Farmville or Barn Buddy idea! .


I have always had my EYES on guys in TECH world. Even the few exes before JW were TECH Guys too. How bout you? Do you notice that you always have your eyes on the same type of guy? I mean not on everything but maybe one or two. Mine seems to be the ABILITY TO MAKE SOMETHING OUT OF PROGRAMMING LANGUAGES. .I find it EXTREMELY IMPRESSIVE AND CHARMING.


The only program I ever tried to develop was my Final Year Project – ONLINE SCHEDULING SYSTEM using VB and my BFF Florida developed an interactive courseware on Human Body functions with Flash . We got a B for that, not bad eh?


Okay, gonna have dinner with my brother and continue work. Geez! It’s 11.20pm and England is leading by 1 goal against Slovenia. (not watching, it’s my background sound)


And oh, CONGRATULATIONS to my dearest friend Jonay Mangabun and wife, Wisiah. He’s gonna be a baby daddy soon!!!!



HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I’m kidding la. But, on serious note




Friends around are having babies, don’t know when I’m gonna have one. Someday! For the time being, let me share my love to:


1. All the cats and dogs in the world




















2. My lovely nieces and nephews



And last but not least, my neighbors in Barn Buddy.






See, even earned coins for Sharing   there.



P/S: I’m in the middle of trying to create an icon for my blog so instead of seeing that  default Blogger icon, you’ll see my custom made icon. .Wish me luck!And oh..tempted to post this entry as “Camwhore Fail 2.0”, cos that seems to be getting a lot of hits. Heeeeeeeeee ……….


24th June 2010 (1.30 a.m.) – Another half hour break, probably should go to bed soon.


You know what…. I was going thru my older posts in Blogger and saw this Ad I designed for BentleyTel back in 2007, looked pretty cool


Web HostingOpen Source Ad1


And to those of you who loved the Cool Emoticons I have here, you can download Windows Live Writer and get the plugins from here. (Clickable) . To download Windows Live Writer, click the logo below:



Bill Gates should at least pay me little money for promoting Windows Products where everyone else are taking sh*t about it.  


Much much much , x

(gonna go shower now then bed!)


Wiskies said...

1. "Do you notice that you always have your eyes on the same type of guy?"

Oh yeah I think yes. Every of my x was sport person too. LOL. but I don't watch world cup at all.

2. thanks again.. daddy is excited, as for me I have no idea & don't know how to b a mother. :))

Nancy said...

Haha. Ya, mcm tradition pula kan? You're welcome, post up pics of baby and wedding pics too. hehe. demand nya!