Monday, June 28, 2010

Need You Now

Today is a very emotional day. Last year I got a chance to celebrate his birthday in KK but I chose not to. How I wish  I can turn back time Sad. Now he’s thousands of miles away from me, all I want is to be with him. Again, damn why no direct flight to Bali?! I sent a birthday care pack to him earlier in the day and what a pain in the ass it was. But, it’s worth it.


Okay, that’s not the only emotional thing that I’m feeling right now, my brother composed a song dedicated to my mum and made me cry. I’ve heard it few times and still it didn’t fail to make me cry. Can’t share the song here cos it’s not released yet but I think there’s no harm in sharing the lyrics. Probably not as sad if you don’t know the story behind it. But, I know, so it made me cry and mellow for tonight.


Leo L. Okala – Oi Ina


Nosusu oku id pomogunan

(Ku di lahirkan di dunia ini)
Pinosukod om pinagayo nu

(dibesarkan oleh mu)
Pinamanganon, pinosikul

(___________, menyekolahkanku)
Kinosusaan nu au milo gatangan
(Kesusahan mu tidak ternilai)


Baino nosukod oku nodi

(Kini setelah ku dewasa)

Monilombus diti koposion ku
(Meneruskan kehidupan ku)

Monoguang onu nopo ih abantalan

(Menempuh apa saja di hadapan)

Sundung poh tuh osungulunan oku

(Walaupun bersendirian)


Ogumu ih nawayaan ku

(Banyak yang telah kulalui)

Oomis, opoit om ongorit
(Yang manis, pahit dan perit)

Ogumu boros oh koruol tunundu
(Banyak kata-kata menyakitkan)

Nga au ku popion id ginawo
(Namun,tidak ku simpan di dalam hati)


Oi Ina, id koupusan ku
(Oh Ibu, yang ku sayangi)

Sundung poh tu miagal diti

(Walaupun begini keadaan)

Kada potongobo ino ginawo nu
(Jangan bersedih hati)

Misonong tokou doh tohuri tadau
(Kita kan berdamai di akhir nanti)


Sorry, that’s a direct un-poetic translation into Malay. But, to those of you who understand Dusun, it’s beautiful, right? This is truly a song from the heart. How I wish things were different. But it’s not. It’s just the way it is. God, I surrender to your will. Here I am again all teary eyed writing this entry. And I heard a line from the movie “The Last Song” that touched my heart.


“ Sometimes you have to be apart from people you love but that doesn't mean you love them any less, sometimes it even make you love them even more.”


Nicholas Sparks never seems to fail to touch my heart.




It’s a sad sad Monday people, at least for me.




Much Love, x


I love you Daisy,Jacynta,Joanne,Pruan,Ronald,Dewina,Eric,Victoria,Genesis,Ivan and Adriana


SuicideCandy said...

love you too.

Gallivanter said...

absence makes the heart grow fonder.

Nancy said...

Absolutely agree....

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Nancy said...

Hey there...I used Google translate to read your comment. Thanks so much for the support.Keep visiting! hihi.

Chisuki Hana said... you too!!

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BR, Aron
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