Thursday, July 1, 2010

Aku tersinggung ….. Part 2

Okay, I know for the fact that I’m 29 and NEVER married and NOT married.


But please. Don’t judge me because of this. It’s a PERSONAL choice and I am happy with my decision. If you read my past entries, you will know that I was in the midst of getting myself ready for marriage and was ENGAGED. So, obviously not the problem of TAK LAKU lah kan?Let me tell you one thing, the philosophy my brother and I believe in “ Cari DUIT lagi susah dari cari BOYFRIEND” and like my BFF Mama Carll said (tiru gelaran awarded by Yett dulu, hehe),Duduk-duduk tengok Facebook pun boleh dapat BOYFRIEND”. Which is TRUE in so many ways.


And for people to just say this to me in Facebook is an INSULT!



Oh yes, I am NOT gonna blur out the face and the name. People like this don’t deserve anonymity.

So what la if I’m “tua dan belum kahwin” kan?  But, to humor this subject, let me find a few reasons why I am NOT married yet.

1. To say that I am not ready is a lie, in fact, if the knight in shining armor (I prefer Star Trek spandex suit, btw) propose to me right now, I’d say yes, let’s get married! and call EVERYONE in my phonebook, update my status in Facebook and Twitter like every few seconds (chronological updates prior to the moment after saying “I do” , you have to ‘hide’ me from recent updates because it’s THAT annoying.) Plus, I personally think that I will make a good housewife based on the criteria's below, which I think are men’s basic necessity:

  • Maid of the house – checked
  • Chef in the kitchen – checked
  • Whore in bed – emmmm checked.

2. So, number one is not really a reason huh? Okay … lemme think …. lemme think….




aku ulang sekali lagi …….



So, for the time being, let me be 29 and single (sya ada boipren juga bah, kamurang nih!, I'm not some woman who lives in a one room apartment with a cat as a companion) and cari duit so that I can afford to visit these places:


  • London, UK
  • Split, Brazil
  • Rome, Italy
  • New York, USA
  • Melbourne, Australia
  • and the list goes on……


And, I might be going to Halong Bay, Vietnam with Nonoi this coming October/November. If I got paid for the ongoing projects I’m doing now of coz.



Let me tell you a secret anyway…something that I haven’t told anyone.











I married David Beckham before he was famous and discovered by Manchester United. We divorced after he did and few years later he married that ugly Victoria Adams. I could be the President of The Footballer Wives club now and having problem how to spend the fortune he made. That woman stole that from me! Hmmmmph!




P/S: I think Vic Beckham is HOT, just kidding when I say she’s ugly. Jangan marah. P.Ramlee kate nanti kene jual.



See you guys in 3 days.


SHIPMENT UPDATE: So cool to be able to track the shipment. 

FedEx Tracking

My choccy, DVD, HDD and Gary the Dog went to China before me. FML!



Much Love and thanks for reading.




Jessica Lyne said...

heh! he probably thinks he's being funny n charming but that's not the best way to start a conversation. What's wrong with NOT being married at the age of 29?, women now bukan mcm dulula. We do have a career to maintain and money to make! Some people should grow up a little.

Nancy said...

Tu la. You have no idea berapa banyak sdh yang starting convo durg yang tu, including kawan2 perempuan, too bad I don't have SnagIt that time to capture, otherwise will be more interesting to see how ignorant and short minded some ppl are.

Tantinny said...

thats not a big prob pn, ayo dat guy. stil stuck in the old world. skang ogumu ba jg gitu. like my cousins, byk 30++ still live happily.

Nancy said...

hi Tantinny. Ya bah, I can't believe even these days pun still org fikir macam tu, for what la we kahwin awal just to follow the normality kan but you're not happy about it. It's like if you're 25/26 MUST think of getting married sudah.

Chisuki Hana said...

haha...damn...tgk gambar almost pa nancy, you can get marry anytime you want yang penting kau bahagia....

Nancy said...

yes Wiwin! betul...luas-luaskan pandangan mata, lawat negara orang pasti akan jumpa a lot of new people. These people tertutup fikiran yang jodoh cuma ada di malaysia. Global sikit la...hahaha.

May Lee said...

what a jackass! there is nothing wrong with not being married!


Nancy said...

I know right! Total jackass...! Hmmph! As if we are incomplete without marriage.

Endun said...

Hola lady...cheers!tak lama lagi 31 bah aku ni hahhaha...aduhh!bila pula award tu cie hehhe...lupa la..ya la dah berusia...:)

Endun said...

Hola lady...cheers!tak lama lagi 31 bah aku ni hahhaha...aduhh!bila pula award tu cie hehhe...lupa la..ya la dah berusia...:)

Endun said...

Hola lady...cheers!tak lama lagi 31 bah aku ni hahhaha...aduhh!bila pula award tu cie hehhe...lupa la..ya la dah berusia...:)

Nancy said...

Hola! 31, single(on purpose) and happy..reason enough to celebrate!!!

PARAOK said...

Raikan kehidupan, enjoy puas2 dulu..baru cool.

Nancy said...

hi Paraok, yes,sokong!!!

義珊義珊 said...


Nancy said...

Thanks for the words of wisdom altho I had to ask a Chinese to translate that for me.

Gallivanter said...

What a way to start a conversation with you. He thinks he's being funny, but ends up looking like an immature twit.

You should've replied "because all I saw online are people like you, whom I'm avoiding because I don't wanna ruin my life being married to such losers." ;-)

芳容222許林堅林芳容儀 said...

It takes all kinds to make a world.............................................................

Nancy said...

Gallivanter: Hahaha.Ya bah.I don't understand why some ppl would think it's gonna be cute and funny to tell someone that they're "tua" already. For girls,it's NEVER gonna be funny being called tua. I should've thought of that line too! lol..

*insert chinese characters here*,agree with you,colors of life eh? ;)