Monday, July 26, 2010

Definitely not a cat person























Sorry for wasting your time reading this one. I stumbled upon an album of a friend of a friend in Facebook and saw this photo with a caption ‘She has one blind eye’. WHICH IS WRONG!!


If you look at the other eye, you can see the white area is visible but not too obvious compared to her other eye (sorry, I have problem differentiating left and right). My sister is a cat lover and she got about 8 cats at home so we can simply say she knows almost everything about cat care. So, this one my friend means the cat is SICK. The cat got fever or tummy problem (worm) and in need of meds. She is NOT a one eyed cat. With proper meds she will be okay in a week.


So, whoever that girl was, defo not a cat person.If not, she would’ve known that she is sick and not blind. Haha. I am just rambling and actually hungry.


So,gonna go eat now. See you!



Mwah x