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Travel – Bangkok, Thailand

I travelled to Bangkok, Thailand about a year ago and spent three weeks there living like a princess. Stayed in a nice hotel, order room service whenever I want any time of the day and spent good times watching DVD / TV Series, exploring the city alone and tanning myself. Whilst I was there, I found out that Gil Grissom can speak Thai and so does Spongebob Squarepants. and everyone on The Amazing Race. WTF?! Spoiling the fun. Isk!


We stayed at Prince Palace Mahanak Hotel, 13th floor. It’s a 45 degrees view of metro Bangkok. So, that was my home for about 2 weeks before we moved to a smaller room in NovoTel at Siam Paragon. Wished we stayed there since day one though, although it was a VERY spacious and elegant room (but out of date TV set) with a nice view that Prince Palace Hotel, it was quite far from the attractions, (by attractions I mean shopping complexes)!. Where, staying in NovoTel gives me the freedom to just walk from one shopping complex to another. But, having said that, it was probably good too that we moved to NovoTel the last week we were there, otherwise I would’ve spent all my Bahts on week one. Ada baik juga lah. Thanks honey for that wise decision. Mwah x.


View from the 13th floor:





Here’s some boring photos of the presidential suite


Big big mirror for me in the room. *LOVE*

Didn’t use this sofa much. Just sat there to wear shoes.

The big comfy king size bed where I spent most of my days and old fashion TV..eeeek….(didn't use that TV much cos everyone in there speaks Thai) and the place where I work on my hibernating skill.

John’s workstation which doubles as my dressing table. He spent most of his days sitting there.


Gah..apa lagi…dining table la… tempat makan. This hotel got some killer Fried Rice with Pork!!! So Yummy! I rarely eat meals here, mostly in bed.


So, all in all its a perfect place to stay.


Like I said earlier, I explored the city alone and it was fun! John was tied on UK working hours. That’s the reason why I had to do the most of the exploring alone, we were suppose to visit Vietnam and Hong Kong as well but it’s quite hard for him to be mobile when tied to that working hours so it was SAD for moi! But, not for long cos I started to enjoy being a solo Dora the Explorer. But, having him on that working hours means my sleeping and waking up time was totally fucked up too. So, I really really REGRET the fact that I didn’t get to visit the Bangkok Grand Palace cos it is closed after 12 noon and my waking up time is 1 – 2 p.m. I even made arrangement with the Tuk Tuk driver to pick me up from Prince Palace to go visit the palace. Rugi!!!



This is what Tuk Tuk look like and it cost around 100 – 150 baht for a ride to your destination and Tuk Tuk drivers are CRAZY drivers!! Bikin takut jak. Haha. But, it’s the easiest and most available mode of transportation. Don’t worry, it is safe, even though they are crazy drivers, they are also dedicated drivers.




First weekend there, we went on a night out and visited Nana Plaza, a red light district in Bangkok, rumored to be the largest sex complex in the world …. hmmm…. NOT SURE about that, I think Angeles City in Pampanga,Philippines which is also a red light district is just as big tho. Surprisingly, we had a lot of fun there. Who would’ve thought a vagina could make a ping pong ball pop out and fly thru the audience or a boiled eggs can go in and out of pussy so easily like that?! Oh and razor blades going in and out of you know where. My knees are weak just by typing that. Talk about awful job! Wonder how much they are paid to perform such act.  Sorry, no photos of that, it was not allowed. It was something new for me. I guess you have to go there la and see for yourself.


(Photo credits for Nana Plaza:


nana plaza (1)girls-of-nana-plaza-001


Another infamous red light district in Bangkok is Patpong but we didn’t go there. One thing I liked about Nana Plaza was, they play good music and it’s fun seeing pondans drooling over my hot boyfriend. For the first time, I’m NOT the one who gets the attention. LOL.


Not the lady boys drooling over John but certainly looked like this:


Anyways, I made friend with one of the stripper there, gave her very generous tips and bought her drinks (the effect of too much booze) but forgot the name now cos it was sooo Thailand, hard to remember.


One thing I hated about being in Thailand is the fact that I am ALWAYS mistaken as being a hooker. At first, I find it funny but then when it’s making it hard for me to enter even the lift in the hotel, it’s insulting (should’ve start series of Aku Tersinggung entries long ago). I explore the city alone, remember? So, I’m in and out of the hotel quite often alone than with John. But even with John, seeing as he is an ang moh and I’m Asian, first thing that crossed their mind was I’m a hooker with an ang moh customer. And me going in and out of the hotel translates to me going there to perform a service. . Look at me!!! I don’t think I look like a hooker pun!



They stop me at the lobby and ask where I’m going etc or if I’m with John, they ask him the room number. Supposedly, they’re gonna charge more ‘cos he brings hooker back in the room. WTF?! We ignored it at first but I think John have had enough after a week having to deal with that, I don’t know what he did but it stopped after he spoke to the management. Show some respect to the GF people….please…and oh, another thing, people can never guess it right about where I am from. It’s ALWAYS Filipino or Indonesian or Thai for me. Never did one guessed Malaysian. So, in Bangkok, I’m a Thai hooker, just because I’m dating an ang moh. Couldn’t blame them tho, cos it is so popular there. It’s EVERYWHERE. But please, I don’t date him cos of money. I was NOT raised by my parents to be a gold digger but was raised to be Miss Independent. And , why NOBODY ever thought that it’s possible I am the one hiring him for services??! That’s he’s the man whore? And I’m paying him for services?  Kenapa? Muka tiada duit kah saya ni?


Highlight of my trip was visiting Tiger Temple and that old fashion train ride along River Kwai. I remember John was so fascinated with the countryside, loved it so much and said he needed that to clear his mind of work and to chill out and I’m like “Ish!! What’s so special?  I see this whenever I go back to Tambunan” – so not fascinated because I see it almost everyday.


Photos taken from the train ride to Tiger Temple:

29165_124784397532215_100000019656609_335566_3281999_n 29165_124784400865548_100000019656609_335567_3773081_n


 29165_124794397531215_100000019656609_335626_3170100_n 29165_124794410864547_100000019656609_335629_6316216_n

29165_124794430864545_100000019656609_335635_3156489_n 29165_124794400864548_100000019656609_335627_5193240_n


Hahahaha!!!! (refer to Camwhore Fail entry – I found a camwhore PASS!!! I totally forgot about this one)



We woke up at 9 a.m. for this particular trip. The earliest waking up time ever on that holiday. We wanted to visit that floating market but then, to go there it’s going to be a 1 1/2 drive and we have to wake up at 6 a.m. to be able to reach there before the floating market closes. Being the lazy ass that we are (we are the King and Queen of Sloth), we skipped floating market cos we won’t be buying fruits or veges anyway so it was not important. We reached the train station in time to get on that train and stop at another station to be picked up by our hired cab to our next destination, the Tiger Temple.


The train is operating on the famous Thailand-Burma Railway, there was a movie about it titled Bridge on River Kwai. The Thailand-Burma Railway also known as the Death Railway was built in 1942, it’s a 415 km railway built by the Empire of Japan during WW2. About 180,000 Asian laborers and 60,000 Allied prisoners of war (POWs) worked on the railway. Of these, around 90,000 Asian laborers and 16,000 Allied POWs died as a direct result of the project. The dead POWs included 6,318 British personnel, 2,815 Australians, 2,490 Dutch, about 356 Americans and a smaller number of Canadians. (Source: Wikipedia)




Tiger Temple:

29165_124784407532214_100000019656609_335568_229350_n  29165_124794247531230_100000019656609_335597_2326108_n

29165_124794244197897_100000019656609_335596_2900660_n 29165_124784417532213_100000019656609_335570_7806712_n

30596_135168739827114_100000019656609_385045_7472461_n 29165_124794457531209_100000019656609_335639_4981690_n

I wished they let both of us took photos together with the tigers but was not allowed. Entering the Tiger Temple, I had to wear a horrible looking soldier green pants cos I was wearing a short pants and it is not allowed to wear shorts (ladies) to enter the temple area. I think we paid 100 baht each to go in and honestly, telling you the truth there’s NOTHING great about this temple, it’s not pretty at all, it’s pretty much tanah liat everywhere and no rumputs and it’s a big desert like place with minimal sheltered walkways. Which was a pain cos to take photos with these highly sedated tigers, you have to walk for about 500 meters (I’m not so sure) and it was a long queue to take photos with the tigers but it’s worth it, you don’t get to take photos with tiger that often.




Khaosan Road is also the street I think you should visit when you go Bangkok, it’s similar to Chow Kit anyway, no surprised there but I bet you won’t see this at Chow Kit Road


Fried insects!!! Sorry peeps, I didn’t try those fried insects cos John was totally disgusted by it although I wouldn’t mind trying the fried grasshopper but he probably won’t get near me for a very long time so I skipped that and I was not too eager to try anyway.


And, at Chow Kit Road, I don’t think you will see such ad:


Whilst having drinks by the road side, this uncle with cool shades pass by with his tricycle,click-flash him and I like this photo!



Shopping time:


I only found out that my classmate in high school Amy Angelo is working in Bangkok the last night I was there. Such a waste…I missed shopping at Platinum Plaza, supposedly a shopping heaven for the ladies. I spent most of my bahts around Siam Square, few good shopping complexes there and if you want to buy fake M.A.C Cosmetics and any other major brands in the world at the cheapest price imaginable,then you should go to 3rd Floor of MBK Centre. Not sure if the red shirts idiots burned that one or not.




Think I spent a lot on cosmetics because it is insanely cheap! Ranging from 50 bahts to 350 bahts. And I bought my complete set of M.A.C brushes there at the price of THB350 (MYR35) and I went and checked out the price for the original one in Siam Paragon and it was around MYR80 per brush and I couldn’t tell the difference between the original one and the imitation probably because I am not a makeup artist. So, yeah, if you don’t mind buying the imitation ones and happens to visit anytime soon, don’t forget to spend you hard earned money at MBK Centre! Oh and FYI, not too far from MBK Centre there’s this place filled with beauty stalls, forgot the name, they have this hair extension service and once again so damn cheap, it’s around MYR80 per line. Menyesal pula tidak buat dulu. 

The place that I love the most was Central World, mainly because of its wide range of restaurants and food court. Haha! I can’t help it, I love food.





Its such a shame that the red shirt idiots burned it down.


I loved the movie theater in Central World. Especially the sofa seat and the McDs we sneaked in for the movie. Ha ha. Before starting a movie, they play this slide presentation honoring the King and everyone stands up when it’s played. Something new.

I love 3D movies tapi that 3D glasses menganggu lah! Watched G-Force in 3D. Rats in 3D. Boringnya…..


And I am happy to share that I learned how to swim on this trip! Thanks to John for being a good instructor and because I’m such an awesome student. Other than that, he taught me how to play pool and it’s not as hard as I thought it would be.


I also noticed that almost all the statues in Thailand are a bit pornographic:

29165_124794340864554_100000019656609_335612_2963774_n  29165_124794337531221_100000019656609_335611_6926534_nPhotos above are some of the statues and carvings found at pool and spa area at Prince Palace. Pretty sexual eh? 


So, all in all it was a great holiday trip and I gained weight and had to swim everyday for couple of months to get rid of my tummy fat and chubby cheek. I can’t wait for my next holiday!!!! Destination is to be confirmed. So, here I go again going on a swimming regime to get back in shape after a month of lazing around after my Bali holiday. Why do I always get fat post-holiday??!!!! Below is my travel tips but you may have different take on that. 



Travel Tips:

1. You DON’T have to bring 5 different shoes.

2. High Heels shoes are NOT necessary, you’ll ALWAYS end up going to clubs on your flat sandals anyway. But, I tried walking on the streets of Khaosan Road in my 3.5” heels on our first night out there. Not too bad.
3. Bring MORE undies. I tend to shower 3 times a day so to pack extra undies is necessary.

4 You'’ll end up buying new clothes on your travels so don’t bother bringing too much clothes, and dare I say, you can recycle it 2 or 3 times.

5. Jacket. Airports and major shopping complexes and movie theater especially in Asian countries have only ONE default air-con temperature : FREEZING COLD. So, you gotta bring jacket with you.

6. Network roaming – handphone and make sure if your phone is prepaid, reload at least MYR50 or more. You gonna need it.

7. ATM Card roaming
8. Currency conversion

9. Universal socket adapter.

10. Netbook / laptop

11.A good book – for when your laptop batter die.

12. Extension socket (optional) – assuming that you gonna have to charge your digicam battery, handphone and laptop at the same time.


That’s all for now.


Much Love, x


Wiskies said...

wooo i want holiday too.. hehehe.. for the tips no.6, i stil remember when we travel to indon last time, we bought new sim pack there even only few days trip. my phone was roaming but rm1 per sms sent to m'sia sampai urg pun tdk mo reply saya. i bought new sim pack, only rm0.40 per sms. anyway, different country might be different rate. ;)

Nancy said...

Hi Wiskies, for no.6, di Thailand susah ko mari cari prepaid nih, terpaksa sya suruh my sis reload for me time sya di sana. Even wi-fi dan internet pun macam barang MEWAH kalu sana.But yes, Indo and Phillipines mcm kita juga, prepaid senang dpt.

ReaganRayMunang said...

What a great experience Nancy. Thanks for the tips and thanks god never in my dream to visit thailand. Bikin takut. Quite a Gaga city (no..more like gagagugu)

Can't wait to read your next trip story :)

Nancy said...

Hi Reag,hehe. Okay juga bah Thailand. Its a nice country to visit. Mau cuba pigi visit the beaches lagi ni nanti. :)

Anonymous said...

It may be that your sole purpose in life is simply to serve as a warning to others.............................................................

Nancy said...

Hey.not sure bout that but just want to share experience with others...

ken said...

well.. maybe because your presentation and the fact that your bf is ang moh? haha.. so it's easily mistaken i guess..

anyway, looks like a great trip.. the last time i been to bangkok was back in 96.. when i was a little kid.. lol..

hopefully i can make a visit again.. =)

Nancy said...

hey ken,probably la, must dress up like ugly betty next time...but its okay, was a good laugh until it's plan a trip again la you, will be a different experience visiting as grown

Anonymous said...

I would like to exchange links with your site
Is this possible?

Nancy said...

hey there, okay sure, just send me your blog address. x