Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Baby, I Like It!!

Hey ya..


Gonna post up entry on Hennessy Artistry Party last weekend within these few days. It was a blast and I was shocked to find out that Joe Flizzow is shorter than me?! OMG!


I was learning to use Camtasia earlier so I tried to make a video about H-Artistry which is not so great but I think not too bad. Enjoy. I love the song!!



Our theme for the night was The Pussycat Dolls




Hehe. Actually no. Cynta’s theme was Britney Spears:




Mine since its the easiest to do with my default hair color and sun tanned skin, I go for this one:




Maybe Amy is this one?

images (1)


Daisy and Joanne was not thinking of any themes la that night..


So, another BIG night out will be in October (Joanne’s Birthday) and she’s gonna come up with her own theme and all the 5 of us will dress up to her theme. Yay! Can’t wait.


Enjoy the video even if it’s not that great. Hihi.


Much Love, x.


Rungitom said...

Nice edit and I love the song ;)
Whats the song called?

Nancy said...

Hey there... its Enrique Iglesias - I Like It and thanks for watching..hehe.

Rungitom said...

Searched, downloaded & enjoyed, and thank you too lady ;)

Nancy said...

welcome ;)

Nurul Aima Hj Kaim said...

mo tingu yg minit terakhir tu tp bekelip2 tia nmpk hu hu hu

Jessica Lyne said...

hair! hair! hair! Love the color of Emily's hair. Can't wait to read the Hennessy entry, wish i was there :)

Nancy said...

Hi Jess!! Happy you got your Internet back!! I was inspired tgk your hair bah tu. Mau juga try makeup the Megan Fox tapi tidak jadi pula. LOL. Next time la.

Nancy said...
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Nancy said...

Oopss.lupa reply si N.Aima,ya...gelap kan that part, dapat tgk juga tu kalu di laptop sya.;)