Wednesday, November 24, 2010

You’ve Got X, now lets get Stompin’!



As I previously stated in my latest entry, I was given the chance by Nuffnang and of course invited by Celcom XPAX to attend the event of the year in Kota Kinabalu, STOMPIN’ 2010! I didn’t attend the event in 2009 so I am uber excited to go to this one. I’ve got 10 FREE tickets so I invited all my close friends to go see the concert and we definitely went home with a smiling face or was it smiling face and a stopped by at Edgar’s after ….. Hmmm…… We must’ve been hypnotized by the sound of GREAT music in Stompin that we decided to hit the club right after for some more music!! Yeah, that concert had that impact on us. So, to those of you who didn’t make an effort to go join the fun filled times we had at Jesselton Point, your lost! Hahaha! But then, don’t be too sad tho, there’s always next year so make sure your save the date for next year. 74131_494807119327_179959144327_7086830_6355474_n73049_494806309327_179959144327_7086808_6825720_n


Unfortunately tho, the rain was scarily heavy that I was afraid it might flood and that I’m gonna be stuck at home but then it didn’t stop me from going to that concert! Why? Because I’ve heard mixed reviews about last year’s Stompin. Some said it was horrible and that it’s not worth it to go and watch but then some said it was fun and all the performers are great. so, that made me wanna go see it for myself. Can’t really trust what other people say until you see if for yourself right!!


I reached Jesselton Point around 7 p.m and got my tickets from Celcom people and made my way into the venue with my hot nieces! It was still rainy tho when we got there so I was a bit upset about that, and the tent for VIPs were full! So, we had to stand in the rain under my umbrella ella ella. Lucky I took my brolli with me, otherwise my mascara would run down! Jeez…. So probably next time, Celcom can do it in a place like Likas Sports Complex, so at least people can sit and enjoy the show, no need to fight for a seat and let the performers perform in the rain on the football field…LOL! Kidding….Anyways, back to the point, I really think Celcom should’ve prepared more tents for the VIPs and it’s rainy season so … go figure! Well, enough bitching about that..on to the show!

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The concert start off with performances from local Sabahan bands including the bands selected during the U.O.X Campus Tour audition held at Palm Square, Centre Point KK a week before the event. I can honestly say, they’ve definitely got talent! I envy them big time! How I wish I can play at least one musical instrument, think I have to convince Mr.Pishori to teach me how to play the piano…. He he.


Toi from Akademi Fantasia played the overplayed Wondergirls song Nobody over the Angklung. Well, I didn’t find it annoying played in angklung mode, so Toi did a wonderful job playing it. No surprise he’s been winning international award for this. I’m so happy to be able to witness this man in action. Well, he did sing a Spanish song and all I can say is…better stick to angklung my friend. Let other people do the singing.


DJ Tony, Shawn Lee the beatboxer and MC Vibe did wonderful job as well! Besides doing their single act, the actually collaborate and made wonderful music! That was amazing! Shawn Lee is kinda cute, I fantasize that my niece Dewina is dating him.


LOL! The coldness of the night slowly fades away as the night was getting hot with all these amazing performances by the artists. Wicked Aura Batucada was a one unique group, although it didn’t really do me anything like te rush of blood to the brain or goosebumps cos its THAT good but it’s something new.

I’m sad to admit this but there were only 3 artists that I really know which was Ella (the long awaited performance), the collaboration of Dicken (sorry boss, I tak kenal you but you were awesome!) and Joe Wings and also THE LEGENDARY MAN KIDAL , to be honest with you, I was at the venue during the rehearsals and I saw this legendary guy doing his thing and he even came over to us to say hi!!! I’m NOT KIDDING! He really did. Well, of course I didn’t have a picture with him la cos I didn’t bother to at that time but when I think of it now.. I should have at least take A photo with him and brag about it. I probably should’ve asked him to sign on my chest also and not shower for a week! LMAO…Kidding.  Too bad, I didn’t get to see the performance from Kulahig a Filipino band. We didn’t realize that it was already middle of the night when everything comes to an end. How sad, we wanted more! more! more! I hope that next year I will be invited to this event again. I’m sure its gonna be a BLAST as well!


That’s Ella in action!!


Well….that’s my experience in Stompin Sabah 2010. I really did have a blast and I enjoyed the music minus the bad weather, it turned out to be a GOOD GOOD NIGHT!


Much Love, x


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how are you?

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ten free tickets?! how'd that happen?!

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Hehehe...courtesy of Nuffnang ;)

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