Monday, December 13, 2010

Amazing angmoh

Shane, my friend is one amazing angmoh! He’s only been here for a about 3 months, he’s can’t speak Malay well just yet but listen to him singing in Malay….it’s just AMAZING and not to mention that his voice is like HEAVEN ON EARTH okay?! I should’ve blogged about him when he was still performing weekly at Shamrock, Waterfront KK but I was just to damn lazy to bother writing anything in my blog. I actually suggested to him Samsons – Bukan Diriku to sing at that bar but I’m sad to say that I never got a chance to listen to him singing that song at Shamrock but I did however listen to a preview of him singing it whilst having dinner with him and Asif at The Place and it was AWESOME..!! So, press play this Youtube video, I’m sure you’d be in awe just like me.


And to those who’s looking for a good place to have a fancy buffet lunch, drop by Hyatt on Sunday (12.00 noon – 3.00 pm) I think they’ve started Christmas menu cos what I had there yesterday was yummylicious….was too lazy to take pictures tho…sorry bout that…maybe next time. xx


Okay…another video of Shane….