Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Introducing Mr. and Mrs. Pishori


I know!!! I haven’t been updating this blog for more than a year now. Sigh. I think I lost all my followers and readers now and dang! this year I didn’t get a call from Nuffnang to cover Stompin Sabah 2011 event. What a shame. That was some easy money I made last year. All thanks to Nuffnang!


From no updates at all, here I am writing again in my blog to share the biggest ever news that I have. I AM MARRIED! Well, don’t say “finally” cos I really take that as an insult, I mean..what do you mean “finally”? I’m not some 80 year old single woman. If I am, I guess you have the right to say FINALLY.


To be honest, I NEVER expected that I will get married anytime soon. It was not in my plan. But I believe God has His own way of sending you a signal that “The time is Right and THIS is THE MAN for you”. So, as of 6th September 2011, I am officially married under the Law of Malaysia (haha) to the luckiest guy on planet Earth, Asif Pishori. (To be fair to him, I am also the luckiest girl on Earth) We just did the civil ceremony and will plan that big white wedding next year somewhere in July or August.




So, yeah, no pre wedding photos yet, no big white wedding and big reception yet but all of that, is in the plan. Unless, we decided we couldn’t be bothered next year. Hahah! But, I WANT!


So anyway, I just felt like sharing that bit of a news in my long ignored blog, I will post again in a few days time.










My next entry will be something useful to those Malaysian lass who plan to get married with a British citizen. I will jot down the step by step process of getting the approval from our beloved government. Stay Tuned! And if you happen to be a Sabahan, you’re lucky! You don’t have to go to KL at all for it! Everything can be done locally.


Much Love,