Tuesday, September 4, 2012

December 2011– A month to remember.


Back then, I’ve always heard my girlfriends telling me how painful it is giving birth. They were saying it is the most unexplainable pain in the world that you can ever experience. I believed them and I get weak on my knees every time they share their personal experience. As much as I believed them, I honestly couldn’t imagine what the most unexplainable pain in the world will feel like and I promised myself, when I do experience it, I will blog about it and try and explain it so it can be no longer unexplainable.

I found out that I was pregnant in May 2011. I was not yet married to Asif but we were living together. It’s okay, you can be judgmental if you want, because what you think of me is none of my business. All I know is we did the right thing not to abort the baby and decided to welcome him in this world and give him all the love that we can. If we really wanted to, we could’ve chose the other way and no one will know about it. And, by not taking the easy way out, for me and for Asif that’s the best ever decision we have made in our life.

After a lot of paper works with National Registry Department, we finally did our Registration of Marriage on 6th of September 2011 witnessed by family and close friends.

My pregnancy went well. I didn’t have a very serious morning sickness, I was fine and no one knew that I was pregnant because I didn’t have a baby bump up until I am in my 24th week of pregnancy. Even then, I just looked like I am bloated from eating too much! During my first trimester, I craved for Maggi Laksa too much! If I followed my heart, I would have it for breakfast,lunch,dinner and supper! But my BFF, Florida who’ve always been there giving me reasonable advises that I can relate to warn me that it’s NOT a good craving and that I should not follow my heart and just have it in moderation. Which I did. Finally. And having a look back at what happened then, I totally think that the problems that I had during my final trimester has something to do with all the unhealthy cravings that I had. But, it can also be so many things.

Right from the beginning, I wanted a baby boy. Practiced Law of Attraction intensely everyday, attracting a baby boy into my life. But, Ben is being cheeky since inside my tummy. He was NOT showing his gender. Dr.Vijay from Sabah Specialist Centre did a 3D scan and it was quite hard for him to confirm his gender because of how Ben positioned himself in my tummy. Until after 20 mins or so (he was checking for baby’s development at the same time) he finally confirm the gender and we both saw something poking out in between his legs. Asif was so happy that its no longer a surprise. I think if the US room did have a couch, he’s gonna pull a Tom Cruise move. Since I was pretty confident from the beginning that it’s gonna be a baby boy, I give Asif the honor to name him. So he came up with Ben. (Ben is his best friend back in London). Zah came up with the middle name Ashton. So now, the baby has a name: BEN ASHTON PISHORI.

My pregnancy complication started in the final trimester. Dr.Husna from KKIA Luyang. (FYI, KKIA stands for Klinik Kesihatan Ibu dan Anak) a very mean petite Indian lady doctor first noticed in one of my ultrasound scan at the government clinic that my baby (or should I just say Ben) is not growing by his age. Means, he is smaller that what he’s supposed to be. So, she referred me to Likas Hospital to see a OBG specialist there. At the same time I also do a regular checkup at this private OBG in Lintas, Dr.John Teo and occasionally go to Sabah Specialist Centre to see Dr.Vijay for 3D ultrasound.

As instructed by Luyang Clinic I went to Likas Hospital for my appointment with the OBG Specialist there. I was attended by Dr. Soon Ruey, the head of OBG Department, a very nice guy. He then also noticed that my blood pressure is high. Forgot what the reading now but it was enough to make him worry. So, he asked me to come back for another appointment in two weeks. In the mean time, I still go for regular checkups at Dr.John Teo Clinic. And, he also noticed the changes in my blood pressure reading and made me start on pills to control it. Started with 2 tablets,3 times a day and asked to go for another appointment in one week. My blood pressure went down to normal level after taking those pill but for further observation to see if it really works, I was asked to come back in three days for him to check my BP and see if my BP is still okay. But! the reading was high again so he increased my dosage to 3 tablets,3 times a day. In the end, I was taking 12 tablets a day to control my BP and was asked to see Dr.Vijay again for another thorough 3D scan.

At this moment, Dr.Vijay realized that the liqua or water surrounding Ben is not enough and he is not growing since 2 weeks before that. Which made me nervous but I was not too worried because I know I am in good hands, they know what they’re doing. So, I went back to see Dr.John Teo again and he had spoken to Dr.Vijay about my condition and they have agreed that I need close monitoring so Dr.John Teo thinks I need to deliver early because of this. So he gave an injection which they Dexa (to strengthen the baby’s lungs) and was asked to come back the next day for the second injection. This is the most painful injection I have ever had during my entire pregnancy. My arm felt numb. So the next day, I went for my second injection and he checked my BP again and it was ridiculously high! So, he then told us that I need check myself in at Likas Hospital. Now the ‘fun’ part begins…..



Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Tutorial Experiment Fail


Well, husband is not at home at the moment (rehearsal) and the baby Ben is sound asleep. What’s mommy gonna do?

1. Watch REVENGE – have to wait for Asif to come home so NO

2. Sleep…too early for that. Okay correction, it’s never too early to go to bed once you have a baby, you’d be happy to sleep at whatever time of the day when you can so going to bed at 7 p.m. is not exactly a crazy idea, but I don’t want to!

So, I decided to experiment and follow Xiaxue’s Katy Perry makeup tutorial. To cut a long story short, I FAILED.

Its suppose to look like this:


But my version was NOT NEAR to this at all! Here it is:

(I need to work on the EYELINER!!!!!)

That’s all for now, I’m actually a bit sleepy now..better go shower and then ZZZ! Nite people…

Much Love,
NAP xxx

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Yes, this is REAL

Herro everyone!! I'm guessing this is such a surprise to see me finally back to BLOGGER! (that is if anyone really bothers)  I'm shocked myself. Really. But I think that one year off blogging is enough to get more ideas on what to blog about this year. Right? Well, yeah at least I think so. Let's see how long I can sustain this enthusiasm to reactivate this dusty blog of mine. 

Starting off with a fresh new template for the new year, I hope at some point I will gain my past expertise to stare at the HTML codes to make changes to it to suit my template needs. But these days I can't be bothered to spend so much time doing what I feel like less important now (yes things like trying to figure out how to upload my super chio photoshopped self into the headings of a template is completely waste of time now - I rather sleep to be honest). Ha Ha. 

Anyways, my 31st birthday is tomorrow! I'm taking 2 days off work and spend my birthday at Langkah Syabas Resort, I will blog about that cos that place is amazing! And just a precaution...there's 2 more IMPORTANT CHARACTERS to be included in probably most if not ALL my posts from now on. So, stay tuned guys. Leaving you with this:

They look cute..all of them!! (Well, not really sure if Asif is cute here but the CATS are!)

And this my recent photo! Taken in January

So, gonna end this entry now..just a warm up to motivate myself to write more! This year should be interesting. Fingers crossed!

Much Love