Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Yes, this is REAL

Herro everyone!! I'm guessing this is such a surprise to see me finally back to BLOGGER! (that is if anyone really bothers)  I'm shocked myself. Really. But I think that one year off blogging is enough to get more ideas on what to blog about this year. Right? Well, yeah at least I think so. Let's see how long I can sustain this enthusiasm to reactivate this dusty blog of mine. 

Starting off with a fresh new template for the new year, I hope at some point I will gain my past expertise to stare at the HTML codes to make changes to it to suit my template needs. But these days I can't be bothered to spend so much time doing what I feel like less important now (yes things like trying to figure out how to upload my super chio photoshopped self into the headings of a template is completely waste of time now - I rather sleep to be honest). Ha Ha. 

Anyways, my 31st birthday is tomorrow! I'm taking 2 days off work and spend my birthday at Langkah Syabas Resort, I will blog about that cos that place is amazing! And just a precaution...there's 2 more IMPORTANT CHARACTERS to be included in probably most if not ALL my posts from now on. So, stay tuned guys. Leaving you with this:

They look cute..all of them!! (Well, not really sure if Asif is cute here but the CATS are!)

And this my recent photo! Taken in January

So, gonna end this entry now..just a warm up to motivate myself to write more! This year should be interesting. Fingers crossed!

Much Love