Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Tutorial Experiment Fail


Well, husband is not at home at the moment (rehearsal) and the baby Ben is sound asleep. What’s mommy gonna do?

1. Watch REVENGE – have to wait for Asif to come home so NO

2. Sleep…too early for that. Okay correction, it’s never too early to go to bed once you have a baby, you’d be happy to sleep at whatever time of the day when you can so going to bed at 7 p.m. is not exactly a crazy idea, but I don’t want to!

So, I decided to experiment and follow Xiaxue’s Katy Perry makeup tutorial. To cut a long story short, I FAILED.

Its suppose to look like this:


But my version was NOT NEAR to this at all! Here it is:

(I need to work on the EYELINER!!!!!)

That’s all for now, I’m actually a bit sleepy now..better go shower and then ZZZ! Nite people…

Much Love,
NAP xxx