Thursday, February 14, 2013


I've been thinking, tweeting and dreaming about making this love project into reality for quite some time now.  I've always heard celebrity say during their interview, never let go of your dreams, well this is me not letting go of my's not what I imagined it would be yet but it is a good start.

L O V E Project 2013 will be officially launched soon and I am in the midst of doing some technical/non-technical background work at the moment. Juggling between work and passion/interest and also being a mom and a wife and no maid, is no easy job, but, I'll live.

My L O V E Project is: (please play Star Wars theme music)

YAY!!! I am proud to announce to whoever cares that this year I will be launching my Online Boutique. Honestly speaking, I think my boutique has the coolest name ever. LOL. Inspired by a Black Eyed Peas song, I think this name defines what I want my online boutique to be: Cool/Simple/Stylish/Trendy.
 My bigger goal would be to turn Fashion Beats into a brand but baby steps...let's start with something simpler first of all. 

Over these past few months, I have been working on building an online presence for Fashion Beats starting with Facebook as the main medium of advertising (it's cheap and it works...I will advertise on paid-ads on Facebook eventually but they key now is to SAVE cost as much as I can!) 

I am lucky enough to have a full support from my hubby and I poisoned his mind with my cooking and charms to become my investor. Thank you hubby...I wouldn't be able to start anything without your unconditional support and love. I love you to the moon and back and back to moon again. 

As of 7th February 2013, the domain name is MINE! That was not a first choice but my first choice is sold at USD$2,500.00 by GoDaddy.Com sooooo, NEXT!!! After securing the domain name I tried to come up with a trial E-Commerce site for Fashion Beats. It's still under construction and I might change the mock website completely and try a different one. Again, I am blessed to have a good friend, David which is practically a website guru to help me choose the best and develop my e-commerce website and online payment gateway. I will get it up and operating smoothly soon! I'm just quite busy with work now so most things have to be put on hold. But, here's the mock up website I did last week

If you are curious, you can go to this website FASHION BEATS . It will only be up for a month cos I only paid a one month hosting for this just to see how this website look live.

If you'd like to see my Facebook Page, you can click here and also LIKE pleaseeeee heheheh :


My plan is to officially launch Fashion Beats in May but I was thinking I can already start uploading small collections starting in March. If you are interested to purchase my carefully selected items, I will be launching my March Arrivals which is Comfy Cardigans Collections on the first week of March, hopefully. (fingers crossed).

I'm still looking for a few other style to be featured in my upcoming collection. So stay tuned guys! I hope this project will turn into something good.

And I also hope we win the RM11 million jackpot this weekend so I can retire or have the money to be the next Victoria Beckham. 


P/S: I need to work on my blog layout too. It's time. 

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