Friday, April 11, 2014

Thank God It's FRIDAY

Its Friday and its a yay day.

A special yay day for me because this is my last day of work before I go for a 2 weeks holiday and then on 29th April all will be back to normal and I start my working days again with a meeting. Don't worry it's not boring...I am on that age where I am so immune to meetings it doesn't bore me anymore. In fact to be honest, I love going to these meetings cos I get to know people I work with better. So, there you go..a positive way to look at your meeting schedules.

As for Asif, more meetings means more moolah coming in so he loves it. How I wish I have his job's very rare to see people so passionate in what they do and he is one good example right in front of my very eyes. Someday, I will be on that stage. God willing.

But for now I am rest assured that I will be having a wonderful 2 weeks so I am so looking forward to that. See you in my next post.

Ben's mommy.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

How did I survive this

Time flies. That's really true. Today, Ben Ashton is 2 years 4 months old. How did I pull this off? How did I survive motherhood so far? Sometimes, I surprised myself. Lots of things have changed and people have changed as well.

Gone are the days where I can just sleep in on weekends or party till dawn on Friday nights. Even if I have options to do that these days, I will ALWAYS happily choose to be at home and wear the most ugly baju rumah and bun my hair Rutia style and be a couch potato while I watch Law & Order (SVU) recordings on Astro. Well, I don't have to impress my husband anymore when at home, do I? Especially when he was the one who started to look more like cavemen, first. So right now, it's just like a competition between us, who can be smelly the longest. LOL and my husband always win big time. 

Sometimes Asif and I, do force ourselves to go have a Date Night and leave Ben with relatives to babysit (normally my youngest brother, Jeffrey). But the thing is, even when we're out on a date, we spend our supposedly romantic dinner time looking at Ben's photos and video on our phones or talking about Ben. It's all about Ben. On top of that, we get sleepy super early these days, so when we're out trying to paint the town red, we tend to be yawning a lot in between. So really, we should just stop pretending to have Date Night outside and just stay home, buy a bottle of wine and listen to LiteFM or watch Disney Junior with Ben (-_-).

Of all that, I am amazed how I am able to handle this motherhood pretty well. I guess once you're on that boat, there's no turning back and all you gotta do is just face it. I survived the first two years of being a mommy. (but not planning to get pregnant any time soon, that part still scare the shit out of me). 

Being a mother is not easy but I am not saying it is's a mix of both world, doesn't matter what happens along the way motherhood is still a lot of fun. For me, looking back at my 2 years experience (ONLY), taking care of a baby is easy peasy BUT a TODDLER is another different level. I once thought it was hard having to wake up a lot at night feeding the baby and the fact that they have no body clock, they just wake up when they want and sleep when they want.

Back then, when Ben was less than 6 months old, I always say to myself I can't wait for Ben to be 6 m/o so I don't have to wake up a lot at night to feed him. But, when he was 6 months old, strangely I wish he's back to just having milk so I don't have to think about preparing food for him. LOL, and the wishes goes on and on.

I should end this blog because this Ben topic is like a telenovela. It's a long long long story I wish to write about once in while when I feel like it. Right now, I had the urge to write about my motherhood experience because for the past 2 days, Ben was sick with viral infection and the house is smelling like puke and poo and we ran out of clean towels last night. He's much better today and he haven't been this sick in a long brings back memories to when he used to get sick a lot when he was a baby. Thank God it's over and he is a happy boy today.