Friday, April 11, 2014

Thank God It's FRIDAY

Its Friday and its a yay day.

A special yay day for me because this is my last day of work before I go for a 2 weeks holiday and then on 29th April all will be back to normal and I start my working days again with a meeting. Don't worry it's not boring...I am on that age where I am so immune to meetings it doesn't bore me anymore. In fact to be honest, I love going to these meetings cos I get to know people I work with better. So, there you go..a positive way to look at your meeting schedules.

As for Asif, more meetings means more moolah coming in so he loves it. How I wish I have his job's very rare to see people so passionate in what they do and he is one good example right in front of my very eyes. Someday, I will be on that stage. God willing.

But for now I am rest assured that I will be having a wonderful 2 weeks so I am so looking forward to that. See you in my next post.

Ben's mommy.

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