Friday, September 19, 2014

No Excuse

I stumbled upon this quote while looking for other kind of quotes and it hit me really hard. This is soooo true in so many ways... I admit I have been delaying things that I want to do..and my excuse was I am a mom with no maid..I don't have time to do anything else than devote myself to care for my son and take care of the house and of course my husband.

One of the thing that I have delayed for a looong time is to enrol in a Postgrad degree program. Simply put, I am just LAZY but so often I used Ben as an excuse to not do things. Now I am gonna challenge myself and enrol in UNITAR MBA program in January 2015. Wish me luck!

Another thing is, getting fit and get rid of my belly fat. LOL. This is very important. Kihkihkih. I started simple workout for beginners last Tuesday cos it was public holiday and I admit it is so hard to workout with a toddler around because they will try their very best to distract you and the workout didn't go anywhere and I didn't get to enjoy doing it so I stopped. Nevertheless, I still want to do workouts at home for starter and then I figured the only time I can do my workout will be when everyone at home are still asleep (the most important, BEN!), so I started waking up at 4.45am and do some exercises for a good 30 minutes for now with a help on instructional workout videos. I admit, its hard ..I have body ache but it also makes me feel good about myself. It's some sort of self reminder that I can be disciplined enough to do what I want if I really make time for it. I may not achieve a Maria Kang body but as long as I'm happy with my own personal goal, that's good enough. (Won't post a picture for now cos I just started 3 days ago..there's nothing to see yet, belly still flabulous...lmao)

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CyntaCinta said...

lol... sama la. sy tiada anak jadi guna excuse keja kunun lg la x logic. 1++ bulan lg perlu naik gunung. damnit!

Cy said...

Hahaha kamon Cyntaaaaa....conquer Mt.Kinabalu for the second time....oh yeaaaa...