Thursday, April 23, 2015


So, my previous post was about two things: My fitness and going back to school GOAL.

My progress?

Well...let me enlighten you...


I did the fitness goal religiously for about 2 1/2 months and I am amazed at how quickly my body responded to the fitness regime I do 6 days a week at 5.00 am. I feel lighter, I am NOT bloated, my tummy was flat, I felt healhtier and more energetic and the most amazing thing was I can squeeze in into my size XS and S dresses easily without protruding post-baby belly. It made me realise how not difficult it is to do this fitness thing. At the peak of this goal I was able to do my workout for 2 straight hours, it was amazing. The only luxury that I didn't get to do was doing workout at a local gym. I was solely depending on Daniel and Kelly from FitnessBlender channel on YouTube for all my workout regimes. 

Unfortunately, due to circumstances which was moving house and now pursuing the other GOAL, I have successfully stopped my fitness goal with flying colours...LOL. I haven't looked back since I stopped, which is bad because I really loved that part of myself. So I've been starting that regime back slowly since last week and now I am feeling like I am carrying a Golem leg to work everyday. Getting back to it is harder this time because I find it so difficult to wake up at 5 a.m. these day since I moved house (because it is closer to work I don't have to get out of the house before 7 a.m.). 

Hopefully I can get back to it completely before middle of the year which is not too far away now.


I DID IT! I enrolled in MBA course last February and on my first semester now. Finish Part 1, now on Part 2.  After leaving school life for 12 years, it feels a bit odd having to go to class and having assignments deadlines and FINAL EXAM in addition to having a full time job and a personal assistant to a toddler, Ben Ashton. It ain't easy and its funny how some younger people dilemma is whether to resign or not from a job (my niece's dilemma ha ha). Its amazing how when you get older, making decision becomes very simple, its just a matter of saying YES or NO, simple as that. Oh well, I guess we all go through that stage in life and that's how you learn. Right? If everything go according to plan, I should be finished by October next year, hopefully it will not be longer than 2 years and then I AM DONE. No more going back to school for me. And then..... I attended the talk by Dr.Mohammed, and he got me thinking, maybe DBA is not a bad idea. But we'll need to think of that now... I haven't even finish with this one! that's it for now.. I need to start with the first goal again SOON! 

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